What About The LED Car Light

- Mar 02, 2018-

LED car headlights are used to illuminate the driving roads. Safety is the first thing. We should not blindly pursue brightness. We need to find the best balance point in terms of brightness, paving effect, color rendering index, penetrating power, visual effect and safety. 

Halogen lamp is made of yellow light, color temperature 2700-3000K, in the rain and fog days of strong penetration, but the brightness is not too dark. 

The xenon lamp brightness is high, but very harsh, opposite to the car is very uncomfortable, and temperatures up to 300-400 degrees, easy to roast and grilled the lamp holder yellow, and start a delay to slowly all the lights up, because the temperature is high, the performance is not stable, short service life, very power. 

The light emitted by Rayton LED headlights is softer than xenon lights. There is no glare of xenon lights. High brightness and paved roads are not uniform like xenon lamp or halogen bulb. Sitting in the cab to see the paving of LED headlights is very comfortable, and it is not easy to visual fatigue.