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- Sep 22, 2017-

LED Auto and Motorcycle Headlights



      Power:30 W

      Voltage: DC 9-30V

      Lo/Hi beam:2000/3000 LM

      .No Fan                                    

      .Super Bright                              

      .Standard Light Pattern

Thermo-electricity separation technology, copper braid efficient cooling, Cooper braided heat dissipating belt, with fast heat dissipation, and the thermal conductivity up to 430, it can quickly pass over the heat from brass vacuum away.

The extensive application of LED lighting technology and products in some important events or projects has achieved remarkable effect. With constant development and improvement of LED lighting industry in China, the idea of LED green lighting has been more and more widely accepted, which invigorates the development of the whole lighting industry. In recent years, a large number of excellent enterprises in China begin to appear frequently on large international exhibitions through innovating constantly and speeding up development, leading the LED lighting enterprises of China to the world.