New Products E03B RTD Motorcycle LED Working Headlights

- Nov 06, 2017-

New Products E03B:

RTD motorcycle LED Working Headlights


New Motorcycle LED Head Light, Led Work Light For Motor With USB Spot Beam ,Top Bright LED Driving Head Lamp(RTD-E03B)

Quick Details

Type: LED Work Light        Voltage: DC 9-85V         Lamp Type: LED

Certification: CE            Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)

Model Number: E03B       Power: 18W              Luminous Lux: 1800lm

Packaging & Delivery

WHITE BOX PACKING   Plus 2.5USD for the bar-stand

Delivery Time:3-5 DAYS

USB charger:2A 5V

Now many people changed the lamp, LED headlamps, xenon lamp, halogen lamp which is better?

The most efficient LED headlamps, and bright and energy saving is the most significant feature of LED headlamps. The invention of LED headlamps is inspired by fireflies. A firefly can shine at night without electricity or burning oil. Do you mean electricity saving? Therefore, LED technology is known as the third lighting revolution, the future of our household lamp will spread LED.

LED headlamps are generally 18W or 24W, the motorcycle factory with halogen lamps are generally 35W, xenon lamp is generally 35W or 55W. The brightness of LED headlamps is generally 2.5-4 times the halogen lamp brightness, now people are light modification, are generally used LED headlamps, xenon lamp, xenon lamp is before a few years ago did not come out with the LED headlamps.

Xenon lamp is used. The original car headlight voltage from 12V to 23000V and then the excitation arc light, think also know that the voltage increased from 12V to 23000V how much energy is required, therefore, the xenon lamp is very power at the time of the launch, is a loss of battery. While the LED headlight does not need ballast, do not need to upgrade the voltage, power.

Because the xenon lamp to raise the voltage, and the lifting voltage needs a process, which also determines the xenon lamp at the start of a delay, that is, slowly slowly lit up, there are 5-15 seconds delay. LED headlights start instantly, without delay, a power light.

The third point is: heating xenon lamp and halogen lamp is made of electric energy into heat energy, resulting in a large number of infrared light and heat is very large, especially the xenon lamp light after twenty minutes, the temperature reached 300-400, the lamp bowl baked yellow, even the lamp roast. The luminescent principle of LED headlamps is cold light source, is the principle that "firefly" light, heat is very low, then as now very popular on the market with a nine LED M3H motorcycle headlights lit until 20 minutes later, can use the hand to take no problem that heat is very low, so low quantity of heat, no one can match a lamp!