LED Lighting Services In The Field More And More Widely

- Jul 07, 2017-

According to Edward, not only the lighting of this one, Infineon also introduced a new generation of MOSFET P7 series, with the LED driver IC with, can help customers improve product performance, at the same time, through the "digital word" design, so different Power, different lamps on the drive have better compatibility and flexibility. This platform design allows customers in the shortest possible time for different products for modification, greatly shorten the product market cycle. Not only to improve the lighting manufacturers and power manufacturers production efficiency, but also simplifies their inventory management.


From the traditional lighting to LED lighting conversion process, the luminous efficiency is consistent pursuit of the goal; and in the LED lighting to intelligent lighting conversion process, the control is more and more important, and around the people as the starting point, from the color dimming The intelligent control, to the digital drive, and then to the Internet of Things, LED lighting services in the field more and more widely, even beyond the lighting itself.


In this process, the drive control module plays a vital role.

Infineon, which is at the forefront of LED lighting control systems, continues to innovate on LED driver ICs, MOSFETs and sensors in addition to meeting current lighting needs, and in high-quality, energy-efficient products and solutions, In the future of serving the future market.