LED Flood Light Performance Characteristics

- Jul 07, 2017-

LED floodlight Scope of application: railway, electricity, metallurgy, petroleum and petrochemical and various types of factories, stations and large facilities, venues and other places for fixed lighting.

LED flood light performance characteristics:

◆ Light body internal structure and material double shock absorption, the overall seismic performance. Selection of lightweight alloy materials and high-tech spraying technology, the shell will never rust, never corrosion;

◆ selection of OSRAM brand efficient gas discharge light source, energy saving, long life. Lamp life of up to 20,000 hours or more. Especially for large outdoor unattended lighting;

◆ has a good electromagnetic compatibility, will not cause electromagnetic interference to the surrounding environment. Lighting overall low temperature, good heat dissipation, stable performance. Selection of piping and other new technologies to ensure that the overall performance of the shell, sealed and reliable, waterproof and dustproof;

◆ user-friendly design and silver-gray color with environmental protection, and natural landscape full harmony, integration;

◆ installation can be used seat, wall-mounted, ceiling-style installation, easy to operate;