LED Flood Light Can Save Energy Reasons?

- Jul 07, 2017-

Why LED lighting and other lamps can save energy? Due to achieve the same effect under the premise of lighting, led lights consume more energy than other lamps consume less power. And for lighting projects often appear a power threshold, in fact, as the power requirements, is based on the national standard 90lm / W, corresponding to the lighting effect.

LED cast light similar to the nature of the lamps or similar products: spotlights, spotlights and so on. Floodlight similar products: tunnel lights. Our cast light and flood light shape difference: round for the cast light, square for the floodlights. Led flood light and led flood light use: usually in an outdoor lighting project, the two will be used together with each other, is also a common outdoor lighting.

 First of all, LED flood light, advantages: light concentration, transmission distance, transmission altitude. The position of the spotlight is located at a distance from the walls and objects that transmit light. Second, LED floodlights, advantages: light scattered in one side, light uniform, mainly for large area lighting. Floodlights often installed in the corner, the bottom of the object and other locations, the light distance will not be far away. Commonly, the semiconductor led light source, energy saving, is the most common led lighting.

Secondly, why does the tender project limit the relevant data?

First, the market is usually the power of the lamp effect, so the corresponding power requirements, and for the final lighting is the lighting effect, so the lower the power more energy-efficient, but more in line with the concept of energy saving LED lights.