LED Car Light Is So Hot, You Trampled On The Time Opportunity

- Sep 26, 2017-


The capacity of China's auto lighting market information

According to the ministry of public security traffic management bureau released statistics, as of the end of December 2016, the country's 290 million vehicles, including 194 million cars and Motor vehicle drivers, 360 million people, including vehicle driving more than 310 million people.This marks China will become the global first big hinder.

According to relevant experts predict that global auto lighting market capacity will reach 30 billion dollars.According to the ministry of carbon dioxide emissions targets planning in our country, the LED as a typical representative of accepted low carbon environmental protection, the LED lights for the main light will become the darling of the field of automotive lighting, thus forming billions, or even billions of market demand.From the customs and the international website platform statistics, automotive lighting from China suppliers in the automotive afternoon the proportion is as high as 76.3%, China LED automotive lighting applications make precipitation has reached the world advanced level.

Since 2017, LED light source, light heat will present outbreak of double-digit growth in the Chinese market, LED lights will into rapid development phase.In the market circulation field, from the mainstream market gradually to the mainstream market.At that time the market, there is another kind of voice, so hot, can shorten the development cycle.On this question, small make up also cautious merchants and expert consulting industry, get the information is \"no\".All round the world light industry development course, the career path in the halogen lamp today we in terms of the quality of technology with the international enterprises vary by about 40%, the career path in the HID now shrunk to less than 20% difference, and in the present popular LED lights from cars than afternoon field of view, in LED application in our country at present is to lead the global.From our country and the world's view, halogen cars still accounted for as high as 53%, single according to the analysis of motor vehicle ownership LED to replace the market LED still in the initial stage, the development space is very large, so worry about industry development cycle, is for a domain rather than a global perspective.In addition to the main light source from the current society, we have not seen a new generation of social alternatives to form the main light, industrial chain upstream in the development of LED lamp bead is still in perfect.



LED lamp is so hot, people just want to ask what is behind?

Small make up through careful observation, summarized as follows: first, the LED light products is low voltage start, safety coefficient is relatively high; Second, instant on LED lights products, more accord with human transport demand; Third, the LED lamp product life is longer than halogen and HID, basic beyond double-digit times value; Fourth, energy conservation, environmental protection, for the future development trend of new energy vehicle obvious advantages; Fifth, with the high power LED lamp bead chain upstream continuously improve, the LED lamp price advantage will be further revealed. Sixth, the LED light source of stronger plasticity, very suitable for personalized consumer trends in the future. So far enough to support the LED lights at six advantages in vehicle lighting system development.

Shored up under the new pattern, how to make the LED lamp time point and business opportunities?

First of all, from the trigger point of consumption, consumption is based on the demand, the demand is the restriction of the information flow, and information flow in a certain environment and time bandwidth is certain, the bandwidth is equivalent to a road can run such as eight cars at the same time, if we can have multiple channels, the flow of information must be holding us, our products will be more opportunities for consumption, so occupy information channels and industry identity is very important.

Moreover, from the national macroeconomic situation, supply side structural reform, the economic transformation, credit physical construction and the realization of the well-off grand goal, will further satisfy the material demand. From Maslow’s hierarchy theory of needs five, China's security will be about to enter, the emotional closeness and the pursuit of respect, self beyond the spiritual needs of the stage, this stage demand is also the most easy to absorb nutrients brand growth opportunities, corporate brand growth will enter a rapid development. At present, our country industry has experience of reform and opening up 30 years of development, if only we are still in the good and inexpensive products and competitors find gap, development space is limited, business will be transferred to the brand, service, and patterns on the competition of enterprise original ratio of time and energy changes dramatically (sales and service, lo is bound into sales, and service , during the trade show at product launch, dealers convention this shift is important way and method), and competitors to distance, will be the resulting corner overtaking effect. Fortunately, we are all the experience of the change and the power source, reference grandpa MAO's words talk about heroes, but also to see today