How To Improve The Level Of LED Lamps Cooling

- Jul 07, 2017-

With the development of LED lighting products, there are two new technologies: First, in order to increase the single tube of the luminous flux, into a larger current density, as mentioned below, so that the chip produces more heat, need heat. Second, the package of new structures, with the LED light source power increases, the need for multiple power LED chip set together, such as COB structure, modular lighting, etc., will produce more heat, the need for more effective cooling structure and Measures, which in turn put forward a new issue of heat, otherwise it will greatly affect the performance and life of LED lamps.

LED lighting and the current total performance of only 50% of the heat, there are a lot of power to become hot. Second, the LED high current density and modular lamps and so will produce more concentrated heat, need a good heat.

To improve the level of heat, we provide the following suggestions:

1), from the LED chip, to take a new structure, the new process to improve the heat resistance of LED chip junction temperature, as well as other materials, heat resistance, making the cooling requirements required to reduce.

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2), to reduce the thermal resistance of LED devices, the use of new packaging structure, new technology, the choice of thermal conductivity, heat resistance of the new materials, including metal between the bonding material, phosphor mixture, such as thermal resistance ≤ 10 ° C / W or less.

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3), to reduce the temperature, as far as possible the use of good thermal conductivity of the heat dissipation material, the design requirements of a better ventilation holes, so that heat dissipated as soon as possible, the temperature should be less than 30 ℃. In addition, to improve the cooling level of modular lamps should be mentioned on the agenda.

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4), a lot of ways to heat, such as the use of heat pipes, of course, very good, but to consider the cost factor in the design should consider the cost of the problem.

In addition, LED lighting design in addition to improving the efficiency of lighting, light distribution requirements, beautiful appearance, to improve the level of heat, the use of good thermal conductivity of materials, there are reports that the radiating body coated with some nano-materials, the thermal conductivity increased by 30 %. In addition, to have better mechanical properties and sealing, but also dust-proof body, requiring LED lighting temperature should be small 30 ℃.