HID Or LED, How To Choose

- Sep 18, 2017-


Many car factory configuration dipped headlight lenses, but assembly or ordinary halogen bulbs, brightness is bad, so many cyclists will produce the idea of change the lighting.

Models now competition is fierce, the manufacturers in order to cut costs is nothing to its extreme, since configuration of the lens, why not just configuration xenon lamp or the recent popularity of LED headlights, or you simply lens is also saved.Most cyclists for modification is very contradictory psychology, on the one hand because of the function of the original lack of want to improve, the other side is very reluctant to change the original structure, fear can bring negative effect even safe hidden trouble.Since the original factory have lens, if you have a lot of is to directly change the xenon lamp or LED head lamp line?

Means of a lens is a focus, the main function is to gather light and put the focus on the light plane.Halogen lamps, xenon lights, LED lights, because the luminescence principle and structure of different, markers is absolutely not consistent, so for a light source design of lens also can not be perfect to adapt to the other light source.This look as if he said off the road, a perfect modification methods can only open the lamp shell in lens?Actually turn on the light shell is not without risks, a lot of small workshops by means of simple operation, made from cheap seal glue sealing, often one or two years even shorter time, headlight assembly began to leak the fog, as to add the lens at the sea, in fact is most hang sheep head sell vinegar.

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Another way is to replace the third party manufacturers do assembly, double optical lens driving lights, and so on are installed, it can directly replace the assembly, this method is easier, but deputy factory headlight assembly quality must still not as good as original factory, this also should be prepared.Said go feel good bored ah, this also not line that also not line, modified to achieve safe condition and is not expensive, this request is difficult.First to speak directly with xenon lamp is not workable.Actually this is feasible on many models, the key lies in your choice of xenon lamp.Xenon lamp has one hundred and twenty years of the development of the, manufacturer has been working hard to improve there is a very important goal is to how close to the halogen lamp luminous point, I have tested more than ten kinds of xenon lamp, luminous intensity is not a problem, problem of condenser difference is very big, the start of the xenon lamp without lens focus, with the original lamp bowl directly focus words, it's a killer, a vast expanse of whiteness lights not only according to passers-by blind, and that there are no lighting effect, because is scattering light, the xenon lamp hurt himself and is also a lot of people are calling for a xenon lamp is not the origin of the lens is a public nuisance.Also said is as far as possible choose low color temperature of bulb, such as below 6000 k, closer to the sun and soft, rain fog day penetration is stronger at the same time, in fact is the most suitable for use.And the sort of pale blue light even higher than 6500 k, it feels like very bright, but rain fog day penetrability is poor, eye fatigue, worse practicability.

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The choice of the ballast, ballast is try to use an organic whole, namely and headlight assembly after dust cover make it one of the ballast, benefits are obvious, completely installed, don't need any parts, destroy the original car ballast built-in also beautiful.Note the seal, if manufacturers do not perfect oneself still have to consider waterproof reinforcement.As for quick rev or ordinary ballast, personal advice or a standard of good, stable and reliable.Hundreds of yuan of quick rev ballast, kill all use method, not to mention also had to have two seconds to all bright, life will be discounted, used for low beam lights, two seconds and four seconds on actually.Upper beam is not recommended for xenon lamp directly, because there is an important function in is flashing, not immediately on the function is not have flash light.If you meet across the unscrupulous in dogs, let alone the lights flashing, you just want to with it correlation is also not line, lights all the time, each other has ended, and the double optical lens, itself with lens, in effect naturally.Besides adding replacement LED headlights?Actually the original car halogen double optical lens, it is designed according to the principle of halogen bulbs glow to the lens, so generally LED head lamp replacement, no light, or the light type is very poor, but with the ascension of the LED lamp bead, and custom, and some special branch factory of halogen lamp lens lens, LED light type problem is solved slowly, small make up special tested optical lens special LED lights, take the buick enclave this car, feel the brightness and light type are better than the original car halogen bulbs improve a lot, and light type More roads, according to road is better!If there is no specific calibration of the light type LED head lamp, halogen lens in the original car, the estimated effect not line, for example if you have some say, is in the stars, is a low state of twist, completely unavailable, LED headlight is good thing, though, energy saving, environmental protection, in line with the trend, but, after all, the track level LED requirements are relatively high, such as light and brightness, is not generally small factory can achieve.


RTD developed skills double light lens LED headlamps, mainly for the original car halogen double optical lens, equipped with leds, without light, luminous powder, not bright main characteristics such as, according to characteristics of the original car double optical lens, optical structure and the principle of LED, after half a year to develop the original car LED headlamps, double optical lens to solve all equipped with leds brings a series of questions!From now on let you modified carefree! Example: 9012 model cars:...Buick lang, new English lang, the division, the new regal, the new lacrosse, ralink, fei xiang, yue, pentium X80, B50, B70, B90, Cadillac ATS, XT5, JEEP liberty light... 9005: mg GT sharp lines, 15 RAV4, 15 IX25 high match, roewe RX5, emgrand GL, Wallace, a sharp XL