Development Status Of RTD LED Headlights And Future Trend Analysis

- Nov 17, 2017-

Development status of RTD LED headlights and future trend analysis

On appearance design, for the long-term development of the nature also have a lot of bright eye headlight design, such as the upcoming mustang T80, it will become the first LED lamps used Chinese brand SUV.

Currently on the market, the main light source car headlights are halogen, xenon and LED .Halogen lamps are the most common, now on the market for more than 60% of new car use halogen lamps, advantage is manufacturing and maintenance cost is low, easy to change, and shortcomings are obvious, brightness is not enough.And once an advanced products, xenon headlamps once the rage, high brightness, irradiation distance is the biggest advantage of it, drivers were once seen as necessary configuration.

Xenon headlamps as a transitional product, however, disadvantages are also very obvious: start delay, start an instant strong current shock and other issues have also been plagued by the owner. At the same time, the xenon headlamps in fog had penetration effect is not ideal, especially in the heavy fog weather, the driver's sight is basically a piece of white.

With the development of industrial technology, LED lighting(A03C from Rayton) has become the trend of the future, now in the field of household lighting, LED lighting has become the mainstream, the reason is very simple, the LED light source with smaller power for better brightness, while a better lighting effect reduces the energy consumption, and have longer service life, fully staffed, so to speak.

And in the field of automotive lighting, LED lamps at present also belongs to the premium products, see more at some luxury brand models, is in commonly 200000 yuan of less than car few equipped with LED lamps, even there are also basic is a top-of-the-line models will be equipped with, and not all LED lamps, only commonly used low beam light light source with LED light source.And if downwards see again, is in 150000 yuan range, it is almost a use LED lamps, vehicles rate high imports since need not wordy, and joint venture models and always regard configuration to win Chinese brand models, can also be difficult to find one.But this time, the mustang T80 broke this situation.

So, when it comes to auto LED lamps, have to mention the well-known lamp factory  - RTD lamps In 2013, Rayton first used on A1 LED daytime running lights, first open the car LED area.After many vendors are starting to follow up, gradually adopt LED daytime running lights.European legislation, in order to road safety, all cars on sale must be assembled LED daytime running lights.But, over a period of time, all manufacturers to stay on the LED daytime running lights this step.Until the 2016  RTD  and second generation Mercedes CLS, the real meaning of the LED headlight didn't appear in the line of sight of people.


In those days the RTD, with a pair of matrix LED headlight really amazing time, all sense not only superior to the mercedes-benz CLS, also won the lamp factory for RAYTON , which matrix all LED lamps by LED lamp bead, laser rangefinder and brightness sensor parts, in the process of driving at night, big matrix LED headlamp unit will continue to use high beam light, once the light sensors detect to to have a car, it will automatically adjust or closed chy-tech within several LED lamp bead, let the vehicles ahead not by the strong light interference, ensure driving safety.