Build The Brand Of RTD For Long Term

- Aug 22, 2017-


With registered capital of 35 million yuan, the factory of RTD covers an area of 22 hectares. Since it was founded in September 2011 the Guangdong RAYTON Intelligent Opto co., LTD., the company will response to national green environmental protection and energy saving low carbon, and fudan university, south China university of technology, South China normal university, Guangdong University of technology, Wuhan university and other famous universities and research institutions to cooperate, the rapid development of LED energy-saving lamps and lanterns industry security brand manufacturers.


RTD is specialized in car LED headlights, motorcycle LED headlights, LED street lights and LED four series.

The factory has been get through the recognition of hi-tech enterprises.At present, the company products are exported to the United States, Germany, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and other countries and regions.


RTD enjoys a high reputation in the industry, it is the standing director unit of the international "automotive lighting alliance", huadu district, "semiconductor industry association, vice President of units, etc., has won the" contracts and keep promise enterprise of guangdong province ", "enterprise credit evaluation AAA", "harmonious labor relations a-class enterprise", "high-growth enterprises of guangdong province", "LED headlamps ten big brand award", "flower creative excellence award", such as honor, the company's products in the industry have a certain influence, by several users as "strategic partners" for a long time.

Company owns 300 staff , including senior scientific research personnel and engineering technical personnel accounted for 30% of the total number of team strictly implement ISO9001:2008 international quality management system of TS16949 automotive quality management system and, earnestly implement the ISO14000:2004 environmental management system and OHSAS18001:2007 occupational safety and health management system.Make a reliable product quality, with all my heart, with careful and thoughtful service, make the enterprise to win the user's trust and support.

At the same time RTD have a professional design team of Dr Level experts and professors, with advanced design concept, and has a broad humanistic feelings, they are studying the market demand, for the design of pioneering work, with intellectual property rights the originality of the LED lamps and lanterns series product design services.


"RTD" trademark registered in nearly 50 countries , such as the European Union, Madrid, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, won the domestic "city famous trademark" identified;Company has authorized more than 10 invention patents, utility model and appearance patents authorized nearly two hundred, was named the "of" intellectual property rights exemplary enterprises, has won the honorary title of "patent protection award".

RTD has been identified as "provincial automobile LED lamps and lanterns of engineering technology research center", "municipal enterprise technology center", "municipal industrial design center", was designated as the evaluation of AEA international automobile league base.Company LED car headlamps products E - quality certification mark, the Dot and other international mainstream market;LED street lamps for years into the "directory" of guangdong post system;Light-emitting diodes (leds) by CE, ROHS certification, lamps and lanterns products are in conformity with the European ECE standards.

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For the quality of the products, RTD has invested a lot of money to set up comprehensive laboratory, light source test center, environmental simulation test center, etc., equipped with a full range of vehicle gauge level of light distribution performance testing, performance testing and reliability life test system, such as all-round forging enterprise's core competitiveness, make the enterprise to make progress continuously, but also promote the common development of upstream and downstream enterprises.

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Product homogeneity in the current market, the market competition of the state, the guangdong RAYTON Intelligent Opto co., LTD., regardless of business model and fit the consumption habit of the era environment, for the purpose of service, product quality as the principle, to win consumer recognition, product differentiation, characterized with the brand value of service quality for the price differential channels is proposed.

Facing the fickleness of the industry, to avoid disorderly competition, RTD pioneered a business of their own development model, with new technology to redefine the motor and autoLED headlamp bulbs.