Advantages And Disadvantages Of LED Lights

- Jul 07, 2017-

Street lights, can be seen everywhere in our lives, because of it, our world will be everywhere full of light, among these lights, led lights are the most common use, because it is not only a good energy , But also a very good decorative effect

The so-called led lights, is the use of a light-emitting diode as the main material to make the use of outdoor lighting, it can be light, mainly because we use a weak power can make the semiconductor PN junction to achieve the effect of light, meaning That is, we are in a certain forward bias voltage and current circumstances, into the P area and N area of the electrons in the diffusion of radiation through the composite light source.


Led lights have the advantage

Led lights are able to welcome people's popularity because they have the following advantages:

1, led street light design is the use of secondary optical design, we will be led lights light to the area where the need for lighting, lighting can be more efficient, so in many places are willing to choose to use led lights.

2, led street light is very small, the service life is very long, led lights in the use of 10 years after it still has a high use value, they continue to use the process of the year the light loss is less than 3%.


3, led lights light-emitting diode is a low-voltage devices, the use of voltage safety, in particular, it will be used in public places.

4, led street lamp use period is very long, it can use more than 50,000 hours.

5, led lights of the light source is a one-way, there will be no diffuse reflection of the situation, to ensure the efficiency of light