Why RTD auto headlights are so hot

- Nov 08, 2017-

Why RTD auto headlights are so hot

Yesterday, a customer tested our led automobile headlamp bulbs samples and said: the power of the auto bulbs is ok but the led light became very hot after lighting for a few minutes.  I think this is a popular question for all our dealers. So I reply here for dear all.

Actually this is a good question to find the difference between our car headlight and other factory automobile headlights. If you test the led bulbs power, you will find the power of our headlight is 33W and keep this power all the time. But the power of other factories' headlights is mostly like about 24--30W only. Further more, after lighting up for a few minutes, the power will be lower and lower, in the end half hour later maybe the stable power is just about 15 to 17W. 


Beside these, the RTD led auto headlights are with copper tubes inside to send the heat from the led to bottom, in addition with the big power fans, so the temperature of the bottom is similar to the centre of the led!

That is why RTD auto headlight is more hot. That is the top powerful light of the industry with that small size till now! You don't need to worry about the quality as we already got E mark certificate with this type. And we have tested the A03C lights by putting them into a 105 degree testing machine to light up for more than 40 days!