Why old driver said standard color temperature is 6000K

- Oct 25, 2017-

Color temperature, I believe many people have heard, especially when chatting with an old driver, often inadvertently when talking about the lights popped up a few professional term, colour temperature is one of the common.So what is the color temperature?What is the effect of color temperature of light?Why do so many mainstream manufacturers LED headlamps color temperature would be a 6000 k?Today is to talk about!

What is the color temperature?

Color temperature, science says is the most common said light source spectrum quality index, are defined in absolute blackbody radiation light source in the visible region and absolute blackbody radiation completely phase at the same time, the temperature of the blackbody at this time of the light source color temperature...Well, people speaking, colour temperature is illumination optics is used to define the light color of a physical quantity, the unit for K.

Color temperature, the higher the better?

Many people - even old driver - will also exist such misunderstanding: think that the higher the temperature, the brighter the light?In fact is not the case! 

The size of the color temperature is associated with the color of the light, there is no relationship with brightness!Color temperature can be simply understood as the color of the light, the higher the temperature, light color, the more cold, penetrating the worse.

Many owners like personality avant-garde cool high color temperature color lights, however don't know this beautiful blind high color temperature light is also a night road killer.Such light penetration is weak, not only the driving view is small, and easy to cause visual fatigue, if the other night, at the same time easy to cause the other drivers vision, blurred vision, even can't see things, it is easy to happen accident.

So, the color temperature is not higher, the better!Blindly choose high color temperature of lamp, lighting effect, not only will cause inconvenience to others, serious and even cause accidents.

Why the standard color temperature is 6000 k? 

Why mainstream manufacturers LED headlamps color temperature would be a 6000 k?

First of all, halogen lamp 3000 k color temperature, while strong penetrating power, but at night lighting effect is not good, also easy to cause visual fatigue;And 6000 k color temperature LED headlight close to the sun in the day, and the reduction of lighting effects during the day, not only the natural color and lovable, and clear vision, visual comfort;If the color temperature, light in the fog days of penetration could be greatly reduced.So, through the experiment proves that the light color temperature around 6000 k is the most appropriate!

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