Why Led Auto Headlights Seems To Be Much Brighter

- May 04, 2018-

Why Led Auto Headlights Seems To Be Much Brighter 

More and more people like Led auto headlights better than halogen bulb. Why? Is it really led autoHeadlight much brighter than original bulb? Doesn’t led auto headlights have any disadvantages?Let’s go to analyse what the truth is.



Doesn’t halogen bulb have any advantages?Halogen bulb is standard parts of a car, it is the first generation of auto light. But now, it is usually used in basic car because of low cost.Actually, as a standard part of cars, halogen bulb is not a good for nothing, at least, its price is very competitive. Though Reflector combo of the halogen bulb is not so brighter than Led, its brightness is uniform in the other part except center. So, there will be not obvious Visual weakness, and driving in night will much safer. As low color temperature halogen bulb, its penetrability is better, so, there will be obvious advantages when driving in rainy and snowy and foggy low visibility weather.


Why Led auto headlight is most popular in consumer?Because of refit, consumer must chose best one. So, if in the same brightness, disadvantages will be the most deterministic factor when chosing halogen bulb or led auto headlight. The driver always driving in night knows that brightness of led auto headlight is the best, not only to make visual field wider, but also to remind other car and walker of being careful. In rainy weather, driver can see the car in front using strong penetrability led auto headlight, so, this driver can keep better distance with other cars.

For driving safety, I suggest all of cars use led auto headlights.