​What Is The Best Lighting For Energy Saving In The Factory?

- Jul 07, 2017-

What is the best lighting for energy saving in the factory?

In order to meet the visual needs of different production operations and lighting installation conditions, the reflector of the high bay fixture should be able to produce a wide range of light distribution.

For tall buildings and sites where need single lighting, a reflector made of prismatic glass, mirror glass, and polished aluminum can be used to obtain a narrow beam distribution.

In order to work in the long-term and reliably in the dusty, humid and other severe environmental conditions. The low bay lighting led has special requirements in structural design, shell and reflector.

Dusty environment should use the closed lighting or uplift convection lamps; humid environment should pay attention to the shell of the closed and reflector surface treatment; general indoor commonly uses open lights, adopting enamel surface reflector, surface oxidation Aluminum reflectors thicker or coated with silica protective film; taking into account the inevitable vibration in the production site, fixed light source should be used to prevent loose lamp holder, and so on.