The demand of car drives LED product upgrade, and the future LED lamp will be more intelligent

- Jul 16, 2018-

The development of LED bulbs in recent years, in addition to the largest consumer market lighting is given priority to, those who LED manufacturers in recent years to a car market, relative to household lighting, automotive market due to problems involving safety, product specifications in the development of higher order, also can and combined with artificial intelligence. LED manufacturers say the most obvious thing consumers will feel in the future is that car LED headlights will be smarter and safer than before.

New LED automotive head lamp, no longer single lamp body modelling, more halfback grain lighting LED array is arranged, build vehicles more avant-garde advanced visual effect, more important is, through the arrangement of array type, easier to control the light brightness, even the irradiation Angle.

Under the precondition of environmental protection, energy saving, general daily life use lighting requirements, step by step in order to better energy-saving LED to replace traditional light source, LED lighting market accounted for the proportion of the whole, and by 24% in 2014, to go to (2017) years, 39% of the growth is fairly quick, now also is an important trend of the future lighting, in the automobile industry, LED lighting applications from low power car environment, atmosphere lamp and reading lamp applications, early use isn't related security in recent years has gradually been generalized direction with lights, fog lamps, and even more difficult for head lamp applications, Among them, the profit of headlamps for car use is the highest, attracting the car decoration market to invest in relevant application development.

According to LEDinside, last year's LED market for cars was worth $2.817 billion, and LEDinside expects it to grow by 12.45 percent this year.

Because of high power LED technology has increased, and LED a drop in prices, make the car LED lighting gradually shifting from the high order models to order models, in which the distance light market growth, the most amazing for the distance light application of LED market output value will reach $1.462 billion in 2020, compound growth rate of 15.8% between 2016 and 2020. The LED industry also believes that in addition to better lighting quality, the future LED will also use intelligent control of the light source to make driving safer.