RTD Brand resume

- Nov 13, 2017-

Motorcycle LED lights mainly play the role of lighting and signal. The road lamp light can illuminate the front of the car, so the driver can in the night driving safety, in accordance with the light source can be divided into: tungsten halogen lamp, xenon lamp, halogen lamp is the tungsten filament, the lumen is not high, not enough brightness, easy consumption, life is only 600 hours. Xenon lamp xenon is excited by high light, high brightness, the service life is about 2000 hours, but the start time of 3-4 seconds interval distance of blind spots, owners of security, the second is environmental mercury pollution, the EU has legislation to prohibit the installation of motorcycle xenon lamp, only LED, and in China motorcycle LED has no large-scale use, Guangdong Rayton spent three years of technical research, and finally developed a motorcycle LED headlamp, integration, easy installation, long service life, the main advantage of LED motorcycle lamps are as follows:

Product introduction

1. the national patented products, instant start, from more to solve the light blind area. Special material to solve the problem of high temperature heat dissipation.

2. LED universal integration, installation is simple, 98% vehicles can be installed.

3. LED patent 360 degree design, light utilization rate increased by 30%.

4. high power fan design, 6500 cycles / minute, can quickly heat dissipation, effectively prolong the lighting life.

5. using imported ceramic substrate packaging, rapid heat dissipation, effectively extend the lighting life.

6. energy saving design, 15W lumens up to 1600 lumens.

7. LED light than halogen lamp energy saving 60%, brightness ascension 2.5 times.

8. LED ultra long life up to 30000 hours.

9. wide voltage design, 8V-36V brightness is consistent.