Old driver said the standard type of light, bright nearly dark far why

- Oct 10, 2017-

Standard type light. We all hear a lot about it.If ask you standard light type each key point?You may know that left to lower right, high brightness requirements, such as enough but not necessarily understand - far bright nearly dark.Standard type light why far bright nearly dark?Today we're going to have a chat!
The so-called standard light "far bright nearly dark", also from the original car set-up of halogen lamp design consistency, is refers to the type of light brightness should be far bright nearly dark, uniform gradient gradually close to the body!
If a far darker near bright lights light type, the distance to the dark, light focused near the front.This is contrary to standard light type, for driving at night is bad!
First, because a nearby bright, dark in the distance, which leads to the spectral, affect the way according to the effect is limited, affect the way according to vision.And if you speed faster, can imagine that you are in the blind rush!

Second, because a nearby light, dim in the distance, but also interfere with the driver line of sight.Because, the line of sight of you will be attracted to involuntary near light, easy to cause visual fatigue, this will seriously affect the driving safety at night!At the same time it also with our driving habits at ordinary times the contradiction.Because the old driver knows to look ahead while driving, the advantage of early reacts according to road conditions.

Speaking of which, one could ask, headlamp is not can adjust?
Yes, some car headlights is, indeed, can adjust, but this is a request and the subsequent influence.
First of all, can think of, the original halogen + reflective bowl lamp configuration, such as how many car headlights regulating function?
Second, even if your headlamps can be adjusted, but also regulate the type of light after basic will change, as you turn the near light place high Angle to the distance, so will the whole light up, and this will bring other traffic problems.So the best way is to choose a good lights, fundamentally solve the problem!
The current market, except for a few mainstream power factory, has few manufacturer could be so careful to follow the corresponding standard.Because this is not only a technical strength, is also not forget the spirit of enterprise and responsibility of beginner's mind.