LED lighting features

- Jul 07, 2017-

① high efficiency, low energy consumption.

② good light quality. As the spectrum is not ultraviolet and infrared, so there is no heat, no radiation, LED is a typical green lighting source.

③ long life The correct use and if not external factors, its life can reach 100,000 hours.

④ use of security. Single working voltage roughly between 1.5V ~ 5V, the working current of about 20mA.

⑤ green. Waste can be recycled, no pollution; unlike fluorescent lamps contain mercury.

⑥ control flexible. By adjusting the current can be dimmed, the combination of different light color can be palette, coupled with the timing control circuit can achieve a variety of dynamic changes.

More with other ordinary lights unparalleled advantages:

(1) mercury-free: mercury toxic, polluting the environment endless infinite;

(2) energy saving: not only to save energy to run, and light and lamps from raw materials to finished product production process should also be conducive to energy conservation;

(3) materials: light source and its accessories to save consumption of ferrous metals, nonferrous metals, rare metals and non-metallic materials;

(4) environmentally friendly manufacturing process: emissions of pollution-free and green production process, including the use of non-toxic, solvent-free resin and sealing materials, to promote the use of water-soluble resin;

(5) no harmful rays: light source without UV components

(6) long life: good durability;

(7) no electromagnetic interference to the environment: no higher harmonic components during operation leakage;

(8) no harm to the power grid: the reactive component is small, the power factor is high, the start surge is small;