LED lamps use knowlage

- Nov 27, 2017-

LED lamps use knowlage

With the popularity of automobiles, more and more car drivers are changing their lamps. Generally speaking, the refit is mainly based on headlamps and interior lights, but also includes flashing lights, chassis lights, position lights and so on. At present, most of the car light is the main starting point or beauty, in fact, there is a misunderstanding, because the car should be modified to improve safety as the primary starting point, beauty is second considerations

Now the car lamp adornment is strong, the individuality is diverse, the owner may according to own individuality, carries on the transformation to the automobile lamp. At present, there are many decorative lights on the market, with different shapes, various colors, exquisite manufacture, and when the night falls, open decorative lights, their mysterious color adds a very strong personality to the driver.

"Eye care" the first one: do not use inferior bulb

"Eye care second tips: daily maintenance to do well .

According to the different lighting principle, the headlight bulb can be divided into vacuum lamp, halogen lamp, xenon lamp, LED lamp and so on. Vacuum and halogen lamps are cheap and widely used, but they have a short lifespan, usually hundreds of hours. Xenon lamp service life can reach 2500~3000 hours, and the lighting effect is better, but the price is higher. LED lights longer life, can reach 50000 hours, but the technical requirements are relatively high, there are many places to improve, the price is also the most expensive. Of course, no matter what type of bulb, the basic maintenance of common sense is almost the same.

The more expensive the bulbs are, the better

Attention, bulb replacement is not expensive, the better, should choose the model suitable for their own models, in addition xenon lamp refit for lighting system lines have strict requirements, not easy to do. If the vehicle spontaneous combustion and other issues caused by the modification, the insurance company does not pay!

Not all headlights are self adjustable

Attention, high-grade car is best not to adjust the headlights. In addition, some car headlights with follow-up steering function, do not easily try to adjust their own.