LED Lamp You Are Worth Having

- Jul 07, 2017-

For the LED tube, its learning is also very important, can not relax down, so today, to continue to learn the product in order to be able to let themselves know and know more, so that they can learn more Wide, so that they become more professional in this regard.

With the soaring prices of the era, in the province can save the province, there are many reasons, let us put the home of the traditional fluorescent lamp, can be replaced by 60% power LED tube. Some people think that LED lamp is more expensive, but it is durable, a top count of several traditional fluorescent tubes, while saving the replacement of the lamp maintenance costs.

You can touch a few hours of traditional fluorescent tube, will find it to distribute a certain temperature, and then touch the same bright for a long time the LED tube, found it much cooler. Heat consumption of electricity, reason and water heater power consumption. Personal experience, has been told you LED lamp power reasons.

For those long-term operation of the supermarket, convenience stores, factories, or hospitals, to save electricity, and save money, should use LED tubes. It was calculated, about half a year, cast in the LED tube of funds, has been due to the cost of electricity and back to the original.