LED drive power application standards

- Jul 07, 2017-

LED bulbs in the use of the market can be described as unmatched, as small as 1W, 2W, large to 50W, 100W, 150W, or even 200W, 300W, have. The LED is a feature-sensitive semiconductor devices, with their own negative temperature characteristics, so the application process in the need for its stable working state protection, resulting in the concept of driving. Because it is limited by the level of LED power, usually need to drive multiple LEDs at the same time to meet the brightness requirements. Therefore, the need for a dedicated drive power to drive LED work.

Light source and drive the finished product is the most important two components, Xiaobian also said in the previous article, a light is good or bad, the shell is still secondary, once the light source or drive one of the problems, This lamp even if the waste. Well known barrel law we also know that a barrel can hold the number of water, is associated with the shortest root of wood. Therefore, the life of a LED lamp is associated with the worst parts, if the drive life is only half a year, even if the use of ten years is not bad light source, the results to no avail.

A product of good quality and bad, people most basic law is that this thing can be used for how long, long life is a good thing. LED lights are the same, the quality of the LED lights on the market uneven, useful for a month or two on the fate of the alley, there are also ten years and eight years is also bright and beautiful, which is related to the internal parts of the lamp, and the use of the environment The Of course, good quality products, the price is not lower to where to go. So in the LED bulb drive, for example, in the end what kind of driver is considered a high-quality drive it?

1, drive: LED drive is divided into two kinds, one is a constant pressure source supply a number of constant current source, and each constant current source to each LED power supply. The advantage is that the combination of more flexible, if one of the LED failure, it will not affect the other LED normal work, but this design, the cost will be slightly higher. There is a constant current direct power supply, so that LED series or parallel operation. Currently on the market most of the LED bulbs are used in such a drive, in order to meet the consumer's consumption concept, the cost of lighting in the compression, the development of producers considered operator, scratching the head, and then let the cost lower, but This way the drive is less flexible, if once a way of LED failure, first of all to solve it does not affect the other LED line running.

2, efficiency: As we all know LED is green energy-saving lighting equipment, compared to incandescent and mercury-containing energy-saving lamps, LED is definitely the main push of the country's products. Then to meet the green energy, LED lamp luminous efficiency is required, so the efficiency of the drive power requirements should also be born. For a fitting installed in the interior of the fixture, the structure of the particularity and application, there is a certain standardization. Because the LED luminous efficiency will increase with the LED temperature decreases, so the LED heat problem is very important, if the power of the higher efficiency, its power consumption will be smaller, the smaller the heat in the lamp, This reduces the temperature of the lamp, the delay of the LED light is also beneficial!