Knowledge of Automotive car

- Dec 18, 2017-

Knowledge of Automotive car

A high quality and reliable tire product is a necessary prerequisite for ensuring safe driving. Therefore, tire performance has always been the focus of attention of consumers. Despite the tire aging, cracking the "common disease" not to talk, when the tire tread wear to a certain extent, its performance must be less than the new tyres? Michelin to prove that is not the case evidence!

This year, Michelin launched a special project performance test - tire wear in France Ladoux R & D center, the experiment used for theoretical tire wear life reached more than half of Michelin old tires. When everyone finds out that the performance of the tire is absolutely inferior to that of the new tire, the contrary conclusion is a surprise. The testing results show that the part of the Michelin tire even at the height of the wear condition, the braking distance of wetlands are still able to flat with the new tyres, coupled with the recent independent research shows that no direct correlation between tire tread depth and the probability of traffic accidents, which further verify the test results of Michelin's.

In fact, Michelin has started the test, is to inform all consumers: tire wear during normal use, which is not the inevitable factors of the accident, and early replacement tires also does not improve traffic safety, but will increase the extra overhead. Therefore, consumers should know and consider the performance of tire in new condition and wear before buying tire, so as to get a safer and cost-effective tire product.    

Tires, as the only medium for vehicle to contact with the ground, are worried by many consumers. With the deepening of tire wear, is it not good for driving safety? Pro test data shows that Michelin, when Michelin tire wear, the performance of the braking distance in the wetland is still part of the new tire and not much difference between, high safety, and sustainability and environmental protection.