Is your home lamp qualified?

- Jul 07, 2017-

1, LED ceiling lamp mask: mask surface smooth, no scratching the phenomenon, the surface of the black spots, impurities less than 1mm, mask deformation within the visual distance is not obvious, no scratch, collapse edge, crack phenomenon.

2, LED ceiling lamp chassis: the chassis without scratching the phenomenon, no paint, the main surface> = 0.5mm2, secondary surface> = 1.5mm2, whether the deformation of the chassis, visual 40CM is not obvious acceptance.

3, LED ceiling light source: LED light source using the integrating sphere to test the brightness of the light source, or with a light meter to measure whether the illumination of the whole lamp meets the requirements. In the factory to do the reliability of aging test, do 24 hours aging at room temperature to ensure that the normal work of the product.

4, LED ceiling lamp of the entire lamp assembly: input and output power cord whether the row of plug wiring, wire conductor no exposed. Screw models are used in the same correct, screws and teeth are locked at least 3 teeth, the whole lamp assembled firmly and reliably.