Intelligent lighting for smart home escort

- Jul 07, 2017-

Traditional switch defects

1. Not suitable for the current big house, such as villas, thermocline, etc. have upstairs downstairs house. Because there is no remote control function. The bigger the room, the more inconvenient. Dual control switch wiring complex, but can not achieve three control and multi-control. And it is impossible to change the control object of a switch. In the decoration of the house to increase the lights and switches, it will destroy the decoration.

2. The principle of turning off the lights does not meet the requirements of energy conservation. Due to turn off the lights is not convenient, causing the lights are not timely and waste of electricity. No dimming function, sometimes the light is too bright but can not dim, to stimulate the human eye, and the cost of electricity, a separate dimmer switch is dimming, no memory function, can not automatically delay or other advanced operations. A separate delay switch is only delayed, nor can it be dimmed or other advanced operations. With the improvement of people's living standards, people's quality of life requirements are getting higher and higher, the control of light because of people want to use convenience or even arbitrary, the traditional lighting system has been far from meeting the needs of modern people, so smart Lighting system came into being. It not only has the soft, dimming, fully open and other basic functions, but also with the scene settings, and other intelligent systems linked to the various advanced features.

Intelligent lighting system function

1. Centralized control and multi-point operation function: in any place the terminal can control the lights in different places; or in different places can control the same terminal lights.

2. Soft start function: turn on the lights, the light gradually darkened by the light, turn off the lights, the light gradually darkened by the light, to avoid sudden changes in brightness to stimulate the human eye, giving the eye a buffer to protect the eyes. But also to avoid the impact of high current and high temperature on the filament impact, protection led bulb, to extend the service life.

3. Light and light adjustment function: whether you are in the guest, watching TV, listening to music, or with family, or think alone, even when the taste of whiskey, adjust the brightness of different lights, more for you to create a comfortable, quiet , A harmonious, warm atmosphere, a deeper experience of life, soft light can give you a good mood, less and dark light to help you think, more and more light to make the atmosphere more warm. And these operations are very convenient, you can hold the hands of the remote control to light the light and dark, just a button, you can adjust the light and shade brightness.

4. Full open and memory function: the entire lighting system can achieve a full button and a key full of functions. When you fall asleep or leave home, you can press the button all the way, all the lighting will be completely closed. Eliminating the trouble you have traveled all the rooms.

5. Scene settings: For fixed mode scenes, you do not have to switch lights and dimmer one by one, only one program, you can press a button to control a group of lights, this is the scene setting function. When you are tired of studying in the study, you need to rest for a while, as long as the press a key, into the study of rest mode, the light will be bright light from the bright gradually into the dark, you can comfortably squint