How to clean led headlight when them turn yellow?

- Jul 05, 2018-

How to clean led headlight when them turn yellow?


Most of our automotive lamp shades are made of resin, because scratches and bumps are often found on the way to the car. This can cause slight damage to the lights. At the same time, the impact of automobile exhaust, damage to the sun's ultraviolet rays, and corrosion of acid rain have caused damage to the lights, surfaces, yellowing, cracking, and oxidation.



Clean with soap water

The soap is alkaline. It can make the headlights brighter while cleaning the headlights. It is washed once every two months with soapy water to remove the attached dust and oil and prevent the headlights from becoming yellow and dark.


Wipe with Soft cloth

When we wash the car, we do not wipe the headlights carefully, but we pass it by the way. In fact, we can clean the headlights, wipe off the dust, avoid the accumulation of dirt, and then wash it hard. Wipe with a soft cloth when cleaning because the headlight material is fragile and scratches have formed.


Wipe with Polishing agent

Soapy water plays a role in cleaning, you want the headlights to be brighter at night, you can apply a polishing agent, then wipe with a soft cloth, wipe, you can play a layer of curing wax headlamps, to protect the surface of the headlights Film, brighter and longer lasting.