How to choose their own color temperature of the xenon lamp?

- Jul 07, 2017-

Change the light industry more and more popular, especially with the arrival of the autumn and winter season for the market and add a fire, but many owners for xenon lights still have a lot of questions, such as the street to see the car lights are white, Blue, yellow, etc., how to choose the appropriate modified xenon lamp, so that driving more secure? Xiaobian below for the owners to answer the meaning.

The color of the headlamps, starting from the color temperature.

The color temperature is expressed by the absolute temperature K, which is a standard black body (such as platinum) heating, the temperature rises to a certain degree when the color began by the red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo (blue violet), purple, gradually Change, the use of this light color changes in the characteristics of the light source of the light color and black light color is the same, we will be the black body of the temperature known as the temperature of the light source.

Different color temperature corresponding to different colors. Different wavelengths give the human eye a different color feel from red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo (blue violet), purple. The sensitivity of the eye varies strongly with the wavelength.

Advantages of xenon lamp color temperature:

1. Xenon lamp color temperature is 5000K-6000K, the bulb brightness is white, light bulb brightness close to the brightness of the day, the human eye looks more comfortable.

2. Bulb color temperature from 3000K-12000K, selectivity is more suitable for a variety of owners of choice.

3. Bulb color temperature at 3000K, the issue of yellow light, penetrating power, rainy days can also illuminate the ground.

Xenon color temperature shortcomings:

1. Color temperature above 8000K, issued a blue light, but the penetration is poor, run into the rain weather is not clear, the higher the color temperature, its penetration of fog and rain the worse.

2.4300k is that yellow, penetrating good, but not like white light, looks very comfortable, will be on the eyes into a certain fatigue.

In summary, many friends feel the higher the better the color temperature, is completely wrong. Almost all of the original xenon lamp color temperature are only 4000k early, this is because the higher the color temperature, the more blue color, but the penetration of the poor, especially in the rain and fog days. It's a good understanding, just like the light of the street is very blue. And the color temperature and brightness does not matter, the brightness and lumen value is only concerned. What kind of 8000k, or even more than 10,000 k blue scary xenon lights, it can only cheat do not know the car, only the pursuit of hyun owners.

In the end what kind of color temperature to ensure that white and dazzling (to pendulum), and penetrating strong?

In different environments under different color temperature performance of the different penetration, although this has not yet reached a conclusion, but from the actual situation, it is not difficult to identify:

For example, under very good lighting conditions, the eye to the 550nm wavelength of light (yellow) sensitivity is red or blue 20 times. And in the darker lighting conditions, the contrary.

Modification master recommended: 6000K color temperature is just the most white began to turn blue color temperature, the human eye is easy to accept, easy fatigue, improve safety, and halogen is poor. , 6000K because it is closest to the sun, it is the most comfortable. Its light is super white and slightly blue.

Perhaps some riders will ask, BMW Benz on the xenon lamp looks very blue Well, sometimes even purple, even if the color of the 6000k color temperature can not make such a bar That is because the relationship between the lens, the original xenon lamp beautiful blue and purple is a high-quality lens transformation out, not high color temperature. Through high-quality lens can penetrate the strength and maintain a good dazzling effect.

So no matter how to choose xenon lamp color temperature bulbs, need to use the lens to use, in order to play the best effect of the road, which is every owner can be responsible for their own safety.