Five main factors affecting the life of LED headlight

- Mar 02, 2018-

Five main factors affecting the life of LED headlight


LED lights and LED modules are manufactured and driven in a specific current range, can be based on its characteristics, from 350mA to 500mA and other current LED. Many systems are driven by high numerical regions within the range of the current

2.Acidic conditions

In some acidic conditions, LEDs are also susceptible to exposure, such as in coastal areas with high salt content, in factories that use chemicals or manufactured products, or in indoor swimming pools. Although LEDs are also manufactured for these areas, they are carefully encapsulated in a fully enclosed enclosure with a high IP protection rating.


The heat will affect the luminous flux and life cycle of the LED, the radiator can avoid the system overheating, the system heat means that the LED lights can allow the ambient temperature is exceeded, led life depends on ambient temperature.

4.Mechanical stress

In the manufacture, accumulation or simple operation of the LED, mechanical stress will also affect the life of LED lights, and sometimes even completely destroy the LED lights.


Led performance also depends on the ambient humidity, because in the humid environment, electronic equipment, metal and other parts are often quickly damaged, began to rust, therefore, as far as possible to prevent the LED system damp.