Finding The Correct LED Kits For Your Car

- Oct 25, 2017-

Finding The Correct LED Kits For Your Car

When it comes to upgrading your headlights, most people who do any level of research will soon realize that LEDs are the optimum choice. Brighter lighting, more efficient bulbs, and a longer-lasting, more durable product combine to make LED kits the hands-down favourite of discerning motorists everywhere. While other types of lights are available, LEDs win in terms of specifications, and motorists the world over are switching out their old halogen headlights for LEDs.

LED headlamps are usually sold in kits, with all the relevant components parts necessary to replace the lights on your car. But not every kit was created equal, and depending on your buying decision you could be left feeling as though the improvement wasn’t worth it.

In fact, LED headlights are more effective than both halogen and HID headlights, but you need to make sure you are buying a quality product that is suited for your needs, rather than just buying the first thing you see. Unfortunately, there are many inferior quality headlight kits around, and it’s very much buyer beware if you want to be certain you are buying the right lights for your car and your driving. However, by asking a few straightforward questions of any decision you make, it is easily possible to find high quality LED automotive headlights that are easy to install, long-lasting, and considerably more efficient.

So what factors should you be conscious of when making your buying decision, with a view to buying a high quality LED headlights kit that’s right for your needs?

Easy To Install?

When buying an LED headlights kit, it is essential that you are choosing components that are easy to install, and retrofits to all models so there are no compatibility issues. There is nothing worse than buying a kit, only to find it isn’t appropriate for your needs, or it’s impossible to work out the installation process. Look for LED headlights that are easy to install. All our kits are designed to be installed by non-technical people, and it takes as little as 30 minutes per side to switch in a light. The ease of installation is a key reason people choose high quality LED headlights kits. If you’re struggling, you can even enlist a helping hand from a mechanic or someone more technical, who should be able to fit your headlights kit in minutes.

High Quality LED Units

Quality is of the utmost importance when buying LED headlights. A good LED should last indefinitely, providing a brilliant, pure light quality over up to 20 years of usage, or 10 years for 100% usage driving. A key selling point for LED headlights is that they are durable, a renowned feature of high quality LED technology hardware, and the main reason LED lighting is already so prevalent in industrial situations. Buying quality ensures your LED headlights will last for years, recouping the cost in efficiency savings and reduced fuel consumption.

Beware of buying LED units at a garage - you may be charged over the odds for the kit, and you’ll be charged for labour. It is far cheaper to buy your kit from us, and fit it yourself in under 30 minutes with our step by step instructions. Even if you had to use a mechanic, you are still cheaper buying your headlights directly.

Avoid Cheap Imports

On the other side of the same coin, there are some LED headlights on the market that are proving to be more hassle than they are worth - cheap imports. It is crucial that you only buy LED headlights that are manufactured to exacting standards, and do not skimp on the quality of manufacture. It has been known for some dodgy cheap headlights to cause damage to cars, as well as being a complete and utter waste of money - just don’t take the risk. All our LED headlights are guaranteed for quality, so you can be certain you are getting a well-made product that is built to last.

The Future for LED Headlights

The future for LED headlights is looking assured, with the technology already a prominent part of car assembly at manufacturers the world over. Many new vehicles in Europe are now required by law to have LED daytime lights installed as standard, and manufacturers are now choosing to include LED headlights on some higher end models, as the costs continue to make this much more feasible for manufacturers. Added to this, more motorists in the aftermarket switch to LED headlights every day, and our roads are already busy with drivers enjoying the full benefits of more efficient LED-lit driving.

There are plenty of reasons motorists everywhere are choosing to upgrade their headlights, from safety through to cutting down on their overall fuel consumption (and therefore the costs of their driving). If you think you would want to upgrade your headlights in future, or you are over 5000 driving hours since your last headlights change, the best time to buy your LED headlights is now. The sooner you get these installed, the sooner you can take advantage of the savings and efficiency gains that come from running lower energy headlights, not to mention the luxury of a more illuminated drive at night.