Best Method of Maintenance of LED auto Headlight

- Nov 03, 2017-

Auto headlight is the most ordinary tools when we driving. And, it always break down in not so long time. If headlights break down, there will be an accident easily, so, it is very important to know how to maintain your auto headlight…

1. Checking your headlight cover regularly, avoid of small water in it.

Always, There are some drops of water or steam in headlight cover when washing car, that’s your headlight cover leak-tightness problem. You’d better go to garage to check and repair that, if not, that will damage your headlight, and short-circuiting happens easily.

2. adjust your headlight into most suitable height.

Height of headlight in some cars can be adjusted, that’s the height of headlight illuminate. You can adjust your headlight into high position to make your headlight shines farther. If you don’t always use your headlight, please change your headlight position into center.

3. try to use better headlight when changing it.

Light bulb plays the most important part in the whole light system. So its good quality or not affects Lighting Effects in the night, affects driving safety directly. So, if you want to change your auto headlight, I suggest high quality auto headlight, especially led auto headlight, such as rtd brand led auto headlight. It can make your driving much safer.

Right usage of auto headlight

Auto headlight contains high beam lights and low beam lights. Two kinds of lights both light the front road of vehicles. The difference is, one shines far, one shines nearly. Generally, low beam light’s light distance is about 30 to 40 meters, it’s light range is about 160°.

Ray of high beam light will be more focus, light range bigger, and it can shot to farther place.

When need to change headlight into high beam or low beam?

When driving, if something like these happens, you need to change your high beam into low beam.

1. Here comes a driving car opposite you.

2. It is near to driving car in front of you.

3. if the light brightness is enough around you when driving in the road.