H4 led headlight replacement bulbs for cars

H4 led headlight replacement bulbs for cars

The new A83 H4 dual lens, innovative lens design. The new adopts the new light-emitting technology, which combines the reflector cup and the lens. The tangential effect is obvious, and the far and near light is more concentrated, which solves the hazard of the LED light astigmatism.
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A83 H4 LED Lens Headlights Far and near light integrated auto LED headlights led replacement headlight bulbs for cars.

Although sometimes dense foggy, turn and turn of the road, with RAYTON LED headlights, we can go home safely and reunite with family, sharing the happiness of family union.

.High Quality LED Chip

.With its own lens and aluminum reflector, it solves the problem of astigmatism, making the lights brighter and more concentrated.

.Waterproof and dustproof, adapt to a variety of harsh environments.

.Pure Copper high thermal conductive radiator

.Rotary inlet hole design, Reduce the fan's intake resistance, noiseless.

.Perfect Light Pattern




Item No.



36W(with fan)


DC 12-24V










12 months


We supply A83 H4 LED Lens Far and near light integrated led replacement headlight bulbs for cars,1 year warranty from Guangdong Rayton.

We devoted ourselves to auto lighting more than 10 years, covering most of European and the Americas Market. We are expecting become your long term partner in future.

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Guangdong Rayton Intelligent Opto.CO.,Ltd located in Guangzhou, is a traditional governmental company with long history since 2005, which is specialize in Motorcycle & Auto LED headlight manufacturing and trading for more than 10 years, with high quality products and reasonable price;

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